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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be a member of London Archers?

The current annual fees are found on the membership page.

What other clubs are there in London?

There are a number of other clubs in London, and event companies, centrally and in suburban boroughs. The best place to find clubs is from ArcheryGB themselves on their club finder page. If you cannot join us for whatever reason (eg. need to do a beginner’s course) do check out these over clubs/companies. Doing a full beginner’s course with another club/company will allow you to join us as a full member provided you have your own equipment.

The nearest clubs to us are:

Additionally there are number of companies running archery events, beginner’s courses, and their own clubs. Many of these run beginner’s courses regularly rather than just annually. A few of those closest to us:

If I have shot before, even if I have not practiced for a while, or I currently shoot somewhere else, how do I go about joining London Archers?

London Archers is happy to welcome archers back into the sport after a period away, or to see archers from other clubs shoot with us.

If you are still a member of ArcheryGB, having paid a membership fee to another club during the last year, you will be able to apply to join London Archers immediately. If you wish to join as an associate member (i.e. retaining your membership of another AGB club) then all you need to do is come down for a safety assessment during a normal shooting session. Please make sure that you tell us which club you are a member of, and confirm your AGB number. If you would prefer to transfer membership from your other club to London Archers, please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements.

If you are returning to the sport after some time away, i.e. you are not currently a member of a AGB club, you can still apply to be a member of the London Archers, and we will in this also ask you to come for an assessment during a normal shooting session. You will appreciate that we need a chance to confirm whether or not potential new members returning to the sport might need to refresh their memories before becoming active archers again! For returning archers who have been away from the sport for a particularly long time, or who are particularly rusty, we may recommend that those archers go through our beginner’s course (or anyone else’s) as a reminder of the basic points of shooting form and range safety.

If I have not shot before, or have only shot very occasionally (e.g. at country fairs, in the guides, scouts or at school) how do I learn the sport?

London Archers runs a beginner’s course each year (tentatively planned for January/February) for people who wish to take up the sport of archery. At present, the club is only able to run one course per year. See the question regarding other clubs to see what other courses are available if this timing does not work for you.

Can my child practise archery with London Archers? What age can someone start shooting?

Archery is often described as a sport for all ages. However, we generally recommend that children do not start to shoot until they are at least 12 or 13, as younger children are still developing physically, and until they are older, it can be quite easy to damage growing muscles or bones. The minimum age for our beginner’s course is 12 for this reason.

London Archers has a ‘junior’ section, for archers under the age of 18, and we welcome archers who have shot before joining the ‘junior club’ – juniors can join in the same way ‘seniors’ can. If a child has not shot before, they may be able to join our beginners’ courses to learn the sport. However this is dependent on instructors with the appropriate Criminal Records Bureau checks being available.

Can London Archers help me in organising a corporate event or help in providing corporate hospitality?

Unfortunately, London Archers is not generally able to assist with corporate events, or in the provision of any corporate hospitality. London Archers is run exclusively by unpaid volunteers, many of whom are in full time paid employment. As a result, members of the club can seldom be available during the conventional working day. It is also a requirement imposed upon London Archers by its landlord that the club does not undertake commercial activity at its main venue, and most corporate events or corporate hospitality would be deemed to be commercial activity.

Can London Archers provide special group sessions, e.g. for stag or hen parties?

Unfortunately, London Archers cannot cater for group events such as stag or hen parties. This also requires time members cannot provide and is commercial activity.

Does London Archers offer private/paid tuition, or individual coaching?

London Archers does not normally offer private/paid tuition to members of the public. We are an amateur sports club, and while several of our more experienced members are either qualified coaches, or have some tuition expertise, it is our understanding that private/paid tuition is outside the scope of the Club’s normal insurance arrangements (provided through our national governing body). Please ask our coaching officer about whether individual archers are available to coach on a private basis to be arranged directly with you.