London Archers - Indoor and Outdoor Archery Since 1938

London Archers is happy to welcome archers back into the sport after a period away, or to see archers from other clubs shoot with us.


We hope to host a beginner’s course in the new year so please contact us to be put on our information list. Any novice archer who has done such a course at another club and has their own equipment is welcome to join us directly now as a full member.

Experienced Archers

We welcome experienced archers who have shot with other clubs in the past such that they are safe independent shooters. We require you to come down for an assessment shoot with all of your gear (bow, arrows, plus anything else you normally shoot with) during a regular session. Once you are assessed by an experienced member as safe to shoot the club secretary or other officer can send you the information to join.

Please contact us to arrange an assessment.

Current Archery GB Members

If you are a member of Archery GB (in other words, if you have paid a membership fee to another club during the last year) you can join us as an associate member and so retain your membership of your other Archery GB club. Please make sure that you tell us which club you are a member of, and confirm your Archery GB number. If you prefer to transfer membership from your other club to the London Archers, please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Returning Archers

If you are returning to the sport after some time away, i.e. you are not currently a member of a Archery GB club, you can still apply to be a member of the London Archers.
Our assessment process is meant to ensure everyone shoots safely and is a chance to refresh you memory before becoming an active archer again! For returning archers who have been away from the sport for a particularly long time, or who are particularly rusty, we may recommend that those archers go through our beginners’ course (or anyone else’s) as a reminder of the basic points of shooting form and range safety. If you have any concerns do mention then when you contact us to arrange an assessment.

Non-AGB Archers

If you’ve learning archery outside of the UK you can still join the London Archers after the assessment and an overview of any practical differences between what you’re used to and shooting here. ArcheryGB defines criteria for range safety and conduct which differ from the practices you know. Mention this to your assessor and they will go over safety procedures and expectations with you.

Fees for the year October 2023 to September 2024

The following fees cover a full year of London Archers membership which covers the use of our facilities and shooting sessions. We do not charge range fees for active members of the London Archers. Special events involving catering or other extraordinary expenses will have their own fees.

Senior membership (aged 18-50) (£60)
Veteran membership (aged 50+) (£32)
Junior membership (under 18s) (£20)
Student membership (£42)
Social member (£5)

If you are joing Archery GB through us the additional fees for this are:

New Seniors members (aged 25 and over) (£53.00)
New Seniors members (under 25 or disabled) (£17.00)
Renewing Seniors members (aged 25 and over) (£50.00)
Renewing Seniors members (under 25 or disabled) (£13.00)

Members must also join SCAS and MCAA whose fees are integrated into the club membership fee, separately these fees together are:

Adults (£5)
Adults 18-24 (£4)
Disabled (£4)
Junior (£2)