London Archers - Indoor and Outdoor Archery Since 1938

Target Archery

The London Archers is fully equipped for target archery both in Summer and Winter. Members are encouraged to shoot rounds and register their scores with the club for official records.

We shoot the full range of Archery GB and World Archery rounds – details of all of these are to be found on the clubhouse door.

Field Archery

The London Archers has an active field shooting membership. Mini field shoots are held on the second second Saturday of the month.

Field shooting is a sport that requires skill and judgement and relies on instinct as the distances are not set and sights are not used. It seeks to replicate the experience of traditional bow hunting (hunting with a bow is illegal in the UK) and usually consists of a series of artificial animal targets set up in natural woodland.

Obviously we don’t have a great deal of woodland on our archery field, so we set up targets that are designed to train the ‘instinctive’ shooting style.

Clout Archery

Traditionally we have a clout shoot on the last Saturday of each month, but check the calendar.

Clout shooting involves shooting your arrows into the air towards a target on the ground in the dip at the end of the field. Sight marks are taken from buildings, trees and any other static object (don’t use clouds, they move!). There are three distances, 180y, 140y and 100y – pick whichever suits you.

The target consists of a small stick with a flag on it at the centre of a rope circle. Scoring is five, four, three, two, one, in rings around the flag.

The highlight of the clout shooting calendar is the New Year’s Day shoot that takes place (almost regardless of weather conditions) each New Year’s Day at Kensington Palace Gardens. The flag is replaced with a pudding and a variety of novelty prizes are awarded – it is traditional for London Archers members to bring soup and rolls to keep the guests from freezing solid.